Friday, February 6, 2009

The Death of Hockey

Fighting in Hockey has always had it's disputes, but until recently in the death of Don Sanderson, when his head hit the ice after being thrown to the ice during a hockey fight, sending Sanderson into a coma, and later dying in hospital. 

People and fans everywhere have had their own opinions and thoughts towards the actions in which should be taken in hockey towards fighting. Many people believe fighting should be completely abolished in hockey.  Fighting plays a big part in the game, it increases the intensity, and excitement in the game, although fighting is very dangerous it should not be removed from the sport. 

New rules and regulations should be put into effect such as tightening the players chin straps on their helmets, or such as having referees break up the fight if either players helmet comes off during the fight. Fighting cannot just be removed from the game, Fighting helps sell tickets, and brings intensity to the sport as well, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has been asked in many interviews about fighting in hockey, and he agrees with this statement. As easy as it is to  say fighting should be removed it won't be. Players during the game get frustrated, that being said they will always need to release their anger. The five minute major given to the players after the fight could be increased, increasing the severity of the punishment after the fight could lessen the players will to have to fight. 

Don Sanderson's death in hockey will not be forgotten, and new rules and regulations should be implemented into the game, but fighting in hockey plays a major part in the game today, and will not be removed any time in the near future.

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  1. I agree with you, i do not think fighting should be banned from hockey, its a major aspect of the game and is a traditional way of settling disputes in the game. Fighting has been around from the very beginning of the game and i think it should stick around. Sure, more rules could be added like refs breaking up the fight if a helmet falls of a player,in order to prevent injury, I'm all for that but in my opinion fighting should stay in the NHL and not be banned.